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Any company can go the extra mile, but it takes a special kind of company to go the extra thousand miles. Here at Awesome Valley, everything we put in our dog food is sourced from faraway places. We leave no stone unturned in our transcontinental search for the most inexpensive ingredients there are, because we know dogs don't care how much stuff costs, they just care that they can eat it. And at the end of the day, that's what dog food is all about. Because if a dog will eat it, then it's food for that dog, and you know what? That's Awesome.

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Stop Bixbi Stop Bixbi Stop Bixbi

There's a company called Bixbi that's been creating senseless panic with this film. They think they know a lot about dog food, but here's the thing- who knows more about dog food, dogs or people? Do you really think a dog would eat something that would hurt it? Of course not. They have a thing called "instincts", so if they wolf something down, you can be sure it's something that belongs in them. We believe your dog has a right to eat whatever it wants, so protect your right to feed your dog what it knows it’s hungry for and boycott Bixbi today!


People think it's hard to make dog food, but it's not. Anyone can do it, even you! Press the button and see what happens!

We really want to hear from you! Call us, or swing by 如果你花時間來翻譯這句話,你是類型的人從來沒有停止嗅探,而這正是類型的人誰應該買Bixbi的他們的狗(或類型的人,都知道中國)。所以,這裡是他們的網站上的優惠券。只需輸入優惠券代碼"keepsniffing"在結帳時5元!您的下一個訂單 anytime!